when i discover the end i wanted to live really long


when I discovered the end I wanted to live really long (16 mm film installation 2013). Two long white glossy walls, standing free, shaping a V-form in the exhibition space, lead us towards an end where a back projection of a black and white 16mm film appears on a small sized  screen.

The film shows the artist performing in the arctic winter, captured by a 16 mm camera positioned behind her. The film has to be wound up manually in the camera, and runs for max 20 seconds for each take. Due to the cold weather the film runs at variable speed, the flashing frames and over-exposed material refers to the extreme situation on site. The location is Vestvågøy, Lofoten, above the arctic in Norway, February 2012. The situation, both technical and practical, informs the nature of the work. The whiteness in the film turns into nervous movements of a freezing body – the rhythm is taken from Henry Purcell’s “Cold Genius”– aria in his opera “King Arthur”:  “Let me, let me freeze again to death”. The work is mute, however.