A Other Teenager

16 x 1 metre video projection
2 channel audio
31 minutes 31 seconds

Performer                 Tale Dolven
Composer         Stian Westerhus
Camera                      Eric Hattan
Stills Photography      Thierry Bal



People - well dressed – of all ages – are resting on the ground in a long line.  We see about twenty.  They rest partly on each other. They look comfortable and relaxed.  Their clothes feel contemporary – a mix of urban cool winter clothing and some traditional clothing; like a Sami hat and Norwegian woolen jumpers.  A bicycle jacket and good footwear is also part of the clothing. The line of people is about 16 metres long. They are all lying in one direction – heads towards the left and feet pointing to the right. One person only, is looking at us – a teenage girl.

Another young woman is moving from left to right, over and partly under and around the people. She is not so well dressed, wearing a T-shirt and trousers only, socks but no shoes. She is in the picture already in the very left side, facing the other way than all the other people and moves to the very far edge – and out of the picture frame on the very right hand side. The others stay where they are on the ground.

A composition of sound, based on EL guitar is filling the space. The sound was played in the space while the film was shot, in one take. The sound was until then unknown to the performer. The composer was informed only of the length of the performance but not the content. In this case the music does not illustrate anything – art forms meet – and the moment is the work – unrepeatable.