Steel and copper, 18 metres with light, sound and Løddingen granite
Cry Baby Pedal
60 x 60 x 10 cm

Bodøvoices 2014 is about listening, and memory. The installation consisted of an oversized lamppost (18m) - similar lampposts may be found along any harbour or road in Norway. The lamp's circular beam becomes a spotlight - creating an outdoor stage for the city's population. A Cry Baby pedal is placed in the centre where the light hits the ground, fixed on a black square in the white snow during the winter. This type of pedal is normally use together with an electric guitar to create a 'wah-wah' pedal activates sounds heard from 18 metres above. The audio is the voices of people from Bodø in 2014: footballers from local team Glimt, a great-grandmother with her two great-grandchildren, a boy born in 2014 and a young blogger. Ech soun fragment lasts from 2 to 5 seconds.

1920   Signe Bergithe Anvik

1976   Jonas Kolstad

1979   Tommy Knarvik

1980   Pavel Londak

1983   Dane Richards

1983   Thomas Jacobsen

1984   Trond Olsen

1985   Dominic Chatto

1985   Ibba Laajab

1986   Ruben Imingen

1987   Thomas Bråten

1987   Jim Johansen

1987   Vegard Bråten

1988   Lasse Staw

1989   Vioux Sane

1989   Kristian Brix

1990   Badou

1990   Anders Karlsen

1991   Daniel Edvardsen

1991   Zarek Valentin

1992   Ulrik Saltnes

1992   Ulrik Berglann

1995   Martin Pedersen

1996   Mari Høj Anvik

1996   Audun Mathisen Anvik

1996   Morten Konradsen

1996   Mathias Normann

1997   Patrik Berg

1997   Odd-André Lind Nilsen

2014   Henrik Aidan Olsen