Madonna with Man series

five light boxes

Madonna with Man and Fruit

Madonna with Man and Fig

Madonna with Man and Bread

Madonna with Man and Iris

Madonna with Man and Lily


each 130 x 100 x 10 cm


These works revisit the image of Madonna and child, so central to the history of painting. As one of the earliest depictions of a relationship between two people, this image transcends its status as a religious icon. In this coupling the Madonna is at once, mother, whore and saint; the child is at once dependent on the Madonna, bestows gifts upon her and seduces her. The work explores the ambiguities manifest in what is essentially a relationship of power.

In this work Madonna is a business woman, the child is a man. They are tied together in similar Madonna and child pose, but within the setting of a contemporary office. At first glance we see the slick office interior with a clear view of its exterior landscapes and streetscapes. Echoing renaissance images of Madonna and Child, each work as well features a flower, fruit or bread .