saturday night

video projection and sound installation
dimension variable

saturday night was filmed 5th July 1995 in Henningsvær, 68.2° North in Norway. Three panoramic windows of a wooden nondescript house are filmed close up from the outside between twelve and one o’clock at night. Inside is a party. The sounds of Dr Alban, Technohead and other 1995 chart toppers resonate from within. From without, the windows reflect the landscape, the midnight light and an occasional bird in flight, almost like a painting. Small potted plants sit on the windowsills and behind them the curtains inside are drawn. Every once in a while the restfulness of these is disturbed by a dancer’s nudge. The film is projected on a wall and viewers sit and watch the windows from the comfort of a weathered bench while sounds of a-night-in-the-north play out from behind them. The muffled dance music plays out from beneath the image and with it the installation quickly dispels any notion of a quaint house in a romantic arctic. saturday night is a quiet meditation that conflates insider and outsider, centre and periphery, observation and voyeurism.