selfportrait, Berlin februar 1989Lofoten august 2009

Two 8 mm films transferred to 2 channel video on monitor, mute
3 min

 selfportrait, Berlin februar 1989Lofoten august 2009 is captured on 8 mm film, each roll 3 minutes. The camera is out of focus and turned by the artist around her body until the roll of film comes to an end. The two films are shot 20 years apart.

Berlin februar 1989 is filmed from the artists balcony overhanging Osthafen, a part of the river Spree which belonged to DDR, while the entrance to the building was in the West. On the balcony, naked, she shot the film until the roll ended, overlooked by DDR border patrols in watch towers and boats. In August 2009, she performed the same act, standing still while she turned the camera around her body. This time on a mountain top facing the north in Lofoten, late at night in the season when the sun never sets. The films are transferred to video and shown on monitors next to each other.

This is now a true selfportrait, dated 2010 as the two films are put together as one work. The world is turning, and the body is still.