survivors at the lake

16mm film
1 min 43 sec
Film or digital small screen and photograph
c print photograph
177 x 220 cm

survivors at the lake is a two part installation: a16mm film shown as film or on digital small screen titled snøflekker  and a large scale framed photograph.

snøflekker was filmed in Summer at a lake high up in the mountains on the island of Lofoten in Norway. At 900 meters above sea level, two spots of snow, nestled between the rocks, survived the summer. They hold the image in tension between stillness and transition, as they remain fixed in spite of the rain and the wind that cause ripples on the water below. The snow-spots reach to the past and future and somehow cease to belong in our present. The work echoes the landscapes of Romantic Painting.

The photograph was taken in the winter in the same location from the same position. Possibly the two spots of snow in the film are left over from this winter landscape or they are covered with snow in the photograph and might reappear next season.