the day the sky became my ground

16mm film projection, mute
9 minutes 42 seconds

the day the sky became my ground is shot in one take on 16mm film. A Young girl spins continually in a cold, white and icy landscape. She swirls without stopping while the camera moves slowly from her pale green trainers to the crown of her head. The filmstrip itself has been reversed and mirrored resulting in an inverted image where the sky becomes the ground and gravity itself is turned on its head. No longer on snow, she spins on clouds. Trainers aside, the girl is naked. Filmed facing the sun, the image is intermittently bleached; her body, sometimes obscured, becomes one with the landscape. The camera movement, steady and repetitive, and the girl's relentless spinning, together reveal only fragmentary intimate moments within an unstable visual world where the body is at once vulnerable and resolute.